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ELEVATE Coweta Students

ELEVATE Coweta Students surrounds students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Local Leaders. Local Impact.

ELEVATE Coweta Students is governed by local leaders in collaboration with community partners.

Results with a name–and a face.

Our ELEVATE Coweta Students aren’t statistics. They are young people you know. Young people you see every day. Young people whose lives you can change forever.

Better students = better business.

The impact of ELEVATE Coweta Students isn’t measured on a spreadsheet. It’s evident in the economic vitality and gracious Coweta lifestyle, benefits that accompany a well-educated workforce.

Our Partners

ELEVATE Coweta Students is proud to have partnerships with the following non-profit organizations.

We work with them in their efforts to provide
school supplies to students with limited resources.

We work with them to distribute
food for the weekends for students.

Elevating Students in
Our Current Time of Need

During this time of uncertainty, we find that our children are most vulnerable to confusion, fear, and difficult thoughts. The staff at ELEVATE Coweta Students, while not at the schools due to closure, are working hard to see that the needs of our students are met.

Not only are we spending online time with students to support, counsel, encourage, and uplift them, but we are serving them by taking food to those that otherwise would be without. Most of our students are eligible for free and reduced breakfast and lunch. In this time of community distress, our nonprofit is here to serve those most vulnerable. We along with so many other nonprofits in the community need your support! Any financial contributions will help us continue to serve each and every day not only in these trying times, but in the future as well.