Making Life Better In Coweta

Success Stories

Our success stories are people who worked hard to graduate from high school in order to make a better life for themselves. Turning potential dropouts into high school graduates makes life better for everyone in Coweta County.

During the 2023 – 2024 school year, ELEVATE Coweta Students made a substantial impact in thousands of lives. We served a total 375 caseload students, as well as 2,197 individual students by supplying them with clothing, school supplies, and food. We also guided them in safe driving awareness and worked with them on college and career prep.

Community Impact

Better Students Means Better Business

The impact of ELEVATE Coweta Students isn’t measured on a spreadsheet. It’s evident in Coweta’s economic vitality and gracious lifestyle—benefits that accompany a well-educated workforce.

A better-educated workforce is crucial to building a growing, prosperous community. When choosing to open a new business or expand existing facilities, businesses are attracted to Coweta County because of our highly-skilled, well-educated workforce.

When ELEVATE Coweta Students helps more students graduate and enter the local workforce, everybody wins.

Facts & Figures

Student Caseloads

Caseload students are met with at least once a month. However, it is common for these students to meet with our staff Site Coordinators more often than that.

Total Graduated


Total Promoted


Your time, talents and resources have never been more needed, or more welcome.